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Two Ways To Live – Dark theme

Last year when I posted the new update to Two Ways To Live the framework or skeleton that I used as a base had a section that made it work with the dark theme feature that comes with Andriod 10. I didn’t notice and hadn’t played with that before, and so when I pushed that update live it caused a few people massive reading issues as the app just wasn’t suited to be read in this mode.

I didn’t realise this was a problem till I saw that on the app store I received a few comments telling me about this issue.

I have now fixed up the dark theme section of the app so that it will work ok under the dark theme setting. This also means that my other recent updates to Who Will Be King? and mobile multiply will also need to be adjusted.

Two Ways To Live 2.0

Last Thursday (my usual day off) I had two kids home sick which was a good thing as it meant they played with each other. It was also raining so I couldn’t do any outdoor jobs. So with my day off I set about updating the look and feel of my Two Ways To Live app. It took most of the day, to essentially rebuild it using the material design and newer androidx libraries. 

Hopefully what I have set up with this app, will mean I can now easily update Who Will Be King?, mobile multiply and maybe 3-2-1. I still would like to fix my Inductive Bible Study app, but maybe that will be for another rainy day.

The new APK is on the profile page of this site as well as in the play store. It may be a day or two before it goes on the Amazon app store as their platform is useless.

targetSdkVersion API 29 update – Australian Daily Prayer, mobile multiply, 321, Two Ways To Live & Who Will Be King?

Google has reset the minimum target for all of their apps on the play store. So today, since it was too cold to go outside, I thought I would re-roll a few of the easier apps in a new SDK. I also played with using Android App Bundles for publishing the final versions to the play store and I got to re-setup my development environment on my new PC.

The following apps now have a target for Android 10 (one version higher than the current minimum).

There are no visual improvements to these apps, which I think most of them now need. I would like to update them to a more material design (except for the Australian Daily Prayer app), but I do need to find that time. They also all have a swipe out menu from the left, and in Android 10 you can now make that gesture to mean “back”. Still, I was happy to see a few thousand active installs (devices online in the last 30 days) using my apps.

Hopefully, I will also get on and update my last two apps (OpenSpritz Bible and Inductive Bible Study). These ones are more functional than the others, and I do have more updates I would like to do. But the main issue is finding the time. Maybe we need more cold snaps.

Like always you can also find the updated APK files for these on this website.

Two Ways To Live in French

Two weeks ago someone on Twitter asked if it was possible for this app to be done in French. It already has Chinese in it, so the framework to change to another language was already in there. Also, the official site already has the text in French, so really this was a bit of a copy and past job.

I haven’t really invested much in this app, as I don’t own the rights to it, but if you think there is a need for this material in your language and either you want to translate it, or it’s already up on the official site, then I will see what I can do.

This update is on the Play Store, this site and is pending review on the Amazon store.

Fixed typos in Two Ways To Live and Australian Daily Prayer

I was tidying up my emails last night and noticed that someone has previously emailed me pointing out a typo on the welcome screen for the Two Ways To Live app. This has now finally been fixed, and the update has been pushed to the Play Store and the portfolio page on this site.

Also last weekend someone tweeted to me pointing out another typo in the Australian Daily Prayer app. Since the data is pulled from a website, it was easy to update without having to re-roll another app with the correction embedded in it.

If you do find any more typos, please let me know. Hopefully, I won’t take months to fix them…

Two Ways To Live typo corrected

Someone emailed me pointing out that there was a typo in the Two Ways To Live app. I how now corrected this and pushed it out in the Play store.

If you do find any typos in any of my apps, please let me know. By far it seems my Australian Daily Prayer app has the worst amount of typos in it, but I am grateful for those who do notice them and let me know about them so I can get on them. Unlike the Two Ways To Live app, I can update the Australian Daily Prayer content without a whole app release, as the actual content is hosted on this website.

Two Ways To Live in Chinese

two-ways-to-live-chinesesI haven’t touched my Two Ways To Live app since December 2013. I had reached an agreement with Matthias Media, that when they released their official Android app I would pull mine. Since then I haven’t made any adjustments to this one or Who Will Be King?

A few weeks back someone requested a Chinese version, and since the Chinese text is also freely available on their website it wasn’t that hard to put that in this app. If anyone wants another language up that is freely available, just let me know.

This would have gone up sooner, but I made all my changes one lunch time, and then for some reason or another, I accidentally overrode my code my in my git client, so I had to start over again.

The new update has been pushed to the play store, and has been updated on this site. I still need to work out how to push out an app update on the Amazon store

Milestones updated

I have updated a few of the app pages with their new downloaded milestone counts for September. The new entries are:

321: 17th September 2014 – 200th download

mobile multiply: 14th September 2014 – 7,500th download

OpenSpritz Bible: 10th September 2014 – 100th download

Two Ways To Live: 17th September 2014 – 2,500th download

Thanks to all that have downloaded these apps.

I should probably point out that these stats are counting total  downloads (from the app store), not what is currently installed on people’s devices. OpenSpritz Bible is my worst app for retention with 70% of people uninstalling it.