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Date: February 28, 2014

Categories: Gospel presentation

3-2-1 is a simple Gospel presentation that describes God the world and you. It is broken up into three simple steps:

3: God is three Persons united in love.
2: The story of the world is the story of two representatives.
1: You are one with Adam. Be one with Jesus.

If you want to go deeper with these points, you can download a 15 minute videos for each section.

3-2-1 was written by Glen Scrivener (@glenscrivener). The course videos were filmed with help from The Crowded House.


  • can save and watch videos for latter use.
  • videos are saved to your movies folder, so you can easily copy them off your device, or play them in another app.
  • links to Chinese, French and Italian videos
  • swipe left and right to progress through the text presentation.
  • swipe from the left of screen to open up the menu; or press the button on the top left
  • can move app to SD Card


Official 3-2-1 site can be found here:

History on Google play

27th February 2014 – Version 1 released

28th May 2014 – 100th download

4th November 2014 – 250th download

4th May 2015 – 500th download

7th June 2016 – 750th download

20th January 2020 – 1250th new user


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