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mobile multiply

Date: June 3, 2013

Categories: Discipleship

This is self described as “a simple, practical, biblical, helpful, and personal tool for disciples of Jesus who want to make disciples of Jesus.” Multiply is written by Francis Chan and endorsed by David Platt. The Multiply Material is a 24-session discipleship experience where one person helps another understand what it means to follow Jesus, study scripture, and be the church.

I am in no way associated to Multiply Movement, I am grateful they have given their content out for free.


  • displays all the content for each session in a friendly format for mobile devices
  • for each session  there are links to the pdf content, audio content and coaching videos to assist you as you study through the course
  • provides links to other short multiply clips as well as the multiply gathering videos
  • Android app: all content is locally stored (besides resources) so there is no need for an Internet connection
  • Android app: can move app to SD Card
  • Android app: double tap the screen remove the action bar
  • Android app: swipe from the left of screen to open up the menu; or press the button on the top left


Official multiply movement site:

The mobile friendly site I made:

History on Google play

3rd June 2013 – Version 1 released

26th June 2013 – 100th download

7th July 2013 – Version 2 released. No need for Internet access as all content is within the app.

21st September 2013 – 500th download

8th November 2013 – 1,000th download (This was the day of the Multiply Gathering 2013. There were 280 downloads on this day alone)

25th January 2014 – 2,500th download

17th May 2014 – 5,000th download

14th September 2014 – 7,500th download

21st January 2015 – 10,000th download

15th April 2015 – Version 2.5, Spanish translation added

24th October 2015 – 15,000th download

29th August 2016 – 20,000th download

11th September 2020 – 32,000th new user