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10,000 downloads for mobile multiply!

While I was away mobile multiply clicked over to 10,000 downloads. A big thankyou to everyone who has downloaded this discipleship app. The app has a rententaion rate of about 69% so that isn’t too bad at all.

I thought this milestone was going to happen sometime in Feburary and I hoped it would coincide with my next update that would see this come out in Spanish. Sadly this is not ready to be pushed yet. Stay tuned.

I do hope that everyone who has used this app did so to help make more disciples of Jesus who in turn make others disciples of Jesus.

2014 in review

2014I think 2014 was a pretty good year for my android app development – considering all the other things that happened in 2014. I managed to update a few of my apps and even released a few more. Hopefully there will be a bit more movement in this area for 2015, but we will see. Below is a quick summary on how my apps went in 2014.

321 (new for 2014)
A simple gospel presentation by Glen Scrivener
27th February was the initial release (1.0.0)
21st July (1.1.0): added seven more languages
Total installs between initial release and 31st December: 334

Australian Daily Prayer
Displays the 1995 Australian Anglican Prayer Book morning and evening services and uses the 2005 Weekday Lectionary.
13th Jan (1.1.0): added pinch to zoom
1st April (1.2.0): added a menu, 39 articles and you can go to any date
Total installs for 2014: 349

Communicate Jesus (new for 2014)
Displays content from the Communicate Jesus blog run by Steve Kryger
10 June was the initial release (1.0.0)
Total installs between initial release and 31st December: 27

Mobile Multiply
Simple discipleship program written by Francis Chan
11th May (2.3.0): added support for Gingerbread, fixed pdf links
12th May (2.3.1): fixed missed pdf links
4th Sept (2.4.0): fixed the order of chapters listed, removed broken video links
Total installs for 2014: 7,632

New City Catechism
A modern weekly catechism written by Tim Keller
11th May (3.1.0): added support for Gingerbread
7th Dec (4.0.0): added Spanish, bible version options, video thumbnails
Total installs for 2014: 6,590

OpenSpritz Bible (new for 2014)
Allows you to quickly read the Bible without moving your eyes.
22nd June was the initial release (1.0.0)
15th Oct (1.0.1): removed ESV, minor 2 Tim searching bug
Total installs between initial release and 31st December: 206

I have put on hold both Two Ways To Live and Who Will Be King? for a number of reasons, but they are still on the play store for download.

Two Ways To Live
Simple gospel presentation by Matthias Media
Total installs for 2014: 1,553

Who Will Be King?
Child version of Two Ways To Live by Matthias Media
Total installs for 2014: 129