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Ampers apps now on Amazon

Amazon-badgeOne of the main reasons I have been putting up the APK’s of my apps on this site is so Kindle users could sideload them on their devices. I did this because when I first made a few apps I received a few requests for them to be available for Kindle. At that time I didn’t really investigate Amazon and how their app store works and I kinda forgot about it.

Anyway, if you have an Amazon device you can now search their store to get my apps, no more sideloading. You may notice that Who Will Be King? isn’t there, that is because it didn’t pass Amazon’s screening process. I stopped working on Two Ways To Live and Who Will Be King? a few years back, so I really don’t want to go over them and fix it up. The strange thing is, I would have thought Two Ways To Live would have also failed their process as they are pretty much the same app and are both using material from Matthias Media.

I realised after pretty much copying and pasting all the Google Play information into Amazon’s store that the screen shots I put up were for phones, and will most likely look different on a Kindle device. That is something that may fix in the future, when I get around to it (and don’t forget about them).

Send Bible passages from the Australian Daily Prayer app to the Inductive Bible Study app

Two apps updated in one day, that is value adding.

The Australian Daily Prayer app can now send the readings of the day, or the Psalm(s) of the day to the Inductive Bible Study app. If the Inductive Bible Study app is installed, an icon will now appear next to the daily readings or Psalms (see picture) and if pressed the text will then be sent across for you to create a new Bible study.

Hopefully this integration will allow more interaction with your daily Bible readings. It might be a good tool to use if feel you should read and study the Bible more, but don’t know where to start.

I was surprised as to how easy it was to actually send content from one app to another in Android. It really is no different to sending content from one screen (or activity) to another, both can be done via a simple Intent.

Because I had to edit both apps to get ready to send and receive content from each other, it also meant I had a chance to get in and adjust a few landscape layout issues I was having on my 10″ tablet. Now, in both these apps, the margins are bigger, meaning the text in landscape doesn’t span across the whole length of the screen, making it easier to read.

Both updates have been pushed out the Play store and also to this website.

mobile multiply show/hide toggle and other minor changes

multiply compareI am about to start going through the Multiply material again this year (well at least Part 4 on the Old Testament). When I opened up the app I thought it was getting a bit long in the tooth. Ideally I will update it to fit with the material design, but until I find the time to do that, I have pushed out a minor update.

The most noticeable is the show/hide toggle for the resources and Bible readings. Having the box on the left on narrow screens was a big ugly, and I am not sure how much the resources are really used, as it is the same as what is in the app the user is looking at. This way the resources are hidden away, giving more screen real estate for the text.

I have also removed the zoom toggles, which I found annoying. You can still pinch to zoom, although the text does not re-flow, which again I find annoying. There was a space at the top of all the pages which have been removed and overall the font has been increased slightly.

It should update soon on the Play store, or you can download the APK from the portfolio page.