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Milestones updated

I have updated a few of the app pages with their new downloaded milestone counts for September. The new entries are:

321: 17th September 2014 – 200th download

mobile multiply: 14th September 2014 – 7,500th download

OpenSpritz Bible: 10th September 2014 – 100th download

Two Ways To Live: 17th September 2014 – 2,500th download

Thanks to all that have downloaded these apps.

I should probably point out that these stats are counting total  downloads (from the app store), not what is currently installed on people’s devices. OpenSpritz Bible is my worst app for retention with 70% of people uninstalling it.

Minor update for mobile multiply

Last night one of the pastors from Northwoods Community Church pointed out to me that in the mobile multiply app the chapter list in part 4 (the Old Testament) was incorrect. I have quickly pushed out an update to remedy this to the play store and to the app page on this site.

While I was editing the content of the pages, I also removed the download video links for leaders. While Vimeo does allow you to download their videos when you go to their page, the link they provide are generated on the fly and only work for a limited amount of time. So the links in the app, once worked for me for testing, but then they all broke when it was pushed to live.

The mobile site that I run for multiply still has the broken video download links, and it doesn’t have the weekly Bible readings. I think, since the official site is mobile friendly I may retire my mobile site.