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Australian Daily Prayer themes update

In preparing to be ordained, one of the tasks I need to do is to follow the Australian Anglican morning and evening prayers and lectionary for 30 days and reflect on this experience. In doing this, it means I have been using my app every day, and what has annoyed me during this process is there was one colour in the tabs that didn’t update correctly with the season (see pic below). So I have fixed that

While I was adjusting the theme, I also remembered someone at my church who used this app and they were having big display issues because they had night mode set. So I have also updated the night theme to make it a bit better, mainly on the About screen and the 39 Articles screen. This hasn’t been extensively tested, but it seems to work…

I have also updated the libraries and set the target SDK to be version 33, which should hopefully mean everything is more stable, or at least up todate.

This update should be pushed to the play store, and the APK can be downloaded from this site. (I have kinda given up on the Amazon store.)