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Who Will Be King? 2.0.1

Since I had done most of the leg work with the Two Ways To Live app, it didn’t take much work to port it to this app.

I did, however, forget to put a heading on the intro screen, but only noticed after I had uploaded it to the Google Play store. This meant I had to re-roll a new APK file and which had to have a higher version than the last. So the new version, with the new heading is now v.2.0.1. No one will get version 2.0

The new update is on the Google Play store as well as on this website.

Two Ways To Live 2.0

Last Thursday (my usual day off) I had two kids home sick which was a good thing as it meant they played with each other. It was also raining so I couldn’t do any outdoor jobs. So with my day off I set about updating the look and feel of my Two Ways To Live app. It took most of the day, to essentially rebuild it using the material design and newer androidx libraries. 

Hopefully what I have set up with this app, will mean I can now easily update Who Will Be King?, mobile multiply and maybe 3-2-1. I still would like to fix my Inductive Bible Study app, but maybe that will be for another rainy day.

The new APK is on the profile page of this site as well as in the play store. It may be a day or two before it goes on the Amazon app store as their platform is useless.