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3-2-1 app: Now in 8 languages

languagesThe 321 gospel presentation seems to be doing well, so well that it has been translated into at least 7 other languages. I have now updated the Android app to cater for these and fixed a few bugs with the videos so now they will download again. Below is a grid explaining what each language contains.

By default the app will pick up your phone’s default language, but you can change it withing the app if you want to try your hand at another.

Translation content

Language Video presentation Text presentation Localised images Course content Prayer & What’s next page
Spanish Subtitled

If you do speak these languages, I would love some feed back about the content, to make sure that the interface text, about page and store listing text  is correct. I was really relying on Google Translate for some of it, which is always a bad idea. The presentation text I got from people who had translated the material, so that hopefully should be good.

The update will be appearing on the Google Play store soon and is also on this webiste.

Uni has started again, so I am going to slow down my Android development.

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