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mobile multiply v3.0.0

I started this update in November when I got a new wind of energy with the Two Ways To Live 2.0.0 update. This project took me much longer as I had to pretty much covert the whole Multiply book to be native in the strings.xml file. I then had to do it all over again for the Spanish version. It did, however, give me lots of time to listen to the T4G talks from 2020 while I was converting this app.

I have done a bit of testing on this, but there is a chance that there could be links broken, or starting or finishing letters to paragraphs missing, italics not in the original (especially in the Spanis) things like that. Please let me know if you do find any errors like this.

I am glad that this app is finally done before the year officially kicks off. I still use this app when meeting with senior high school kids. This will probably be my 7th year using it.

This new update is on the play store and this website – I’ve given up on Amazon as their review process is annoying.

targetSdkVersion API 29 update – Australian Daily Prayer, mobile multiply, 321, Two Ways To Live & Who Will Be King?

Google has reset the minimum target for all of their apps on the play store. So today, since it was too cold to go outside, I thought I would re-roll a few of the easier apps in a new SDK. I also played with using Android App Bundles for publishing the final versions to the play store and I got to re-setup my development environment on my new PC.

The following apps now have a target for Android 10 (one version higher than the current minimum).

There are no visual improvements to these apps, which I think most of them now need. I would like to update them to a more material design (except for the Australian Daily Prayer app), but I do need to find that time. They also all have a swipe out menu from the left, and in Android 10 you can now make that gesture to mean “back”. Still, I was happy to see a few thousand active installs (devices online in the last 30 days) using my apps.

Hopefully, I will also get on and update my last two apps (OpenSpritz Bible and Inductive Bible Study). These ones are more functional than the others, and I do have more updates I would like to do. But the main issue is finding the time. Maybe we need more cold snaps.

Like always you can also find the updated APK files for these on this website.

Mobile Multiply targetSdkVersion API 26 update

This app is really long in the tooth, it could do with an update where everything is displayed using the material native UI. But for now, I have just done a quick update to get it to the Google Play new standard. The app bar was using some old libraries that I had to run a bunch of function override’s to get it to work on the settings screens, and also it has lost the menu icon on the top left. But I don’t think the menu was that useful. You can still side swipe to access it.

I found a bug when you rest to the default language. This has also been fixed

The new update is live on the Google Play and this site. It is currently pending on Amazon.

mobile multiply show/hide toggle and other minor changes

multiply compareI am about to start going through the Multiply material again this year (well at least Part 4 on the Old Testament). When I opened up the app I thought it was getting a bit long in the tooth. Ideally I will update it to fit with the material design, but until I find the time to do that, I have pushed out a minor update.

The most noticeable is the show/hide toggle for the resources and Bible readings. Having the box on the left on narrow screens was a big ugly, and I am not sure how much the resources are really used, as it is the same as what is in the app the user is looking at. This way the resources are hidden away, giving more screen real estate for the text.

I have also removed the zoom toggles, which I found annoying. You can still pinch to zoom, although the text does not re-flow, which again I find annoying. There was a space at the top of all the pages which have been removed and overall the font has been increased slightly.

It should update soon on the Play store, or you can download the APK from the portfolio page.

multiplican móvil out now

Language selectionIt has been a long time coming, but now mobile multiply is available in Spanish. This update couldn’t have been done without the multiply movement guys putting up a Spanish pdf of their materials online. If there are any errors they are mine and not theirs. Please let me know.

You can head on over to the play store, or to side load the apk to a kindle or other android device from its portfolio page.

I haven’t updated the tablet screen shots yet, so it won’t be available for larger screens, until I install this new version on my tablet, probably in the next day or two.

10,000 downloads for mobile multiply!

While I was away mobile multiply clicked over to 10,000 downloads. A big thankyou to everyone who has downloaded this discipleship app. The app has a rententaion rate of about 69% so that isn’t too bad at all.

I thought this milestone was going to happen sometime in Feburary and I hoped it would coincide with my next update that would see this come out in Spanish. Sadly this is not ready to be pushed yet. Stay tuned.

I do hope that everyone who has used this app did so to help make more disciples of Jesus who in turn make others disciples of Jesus.

Milestones updated

I have updated a few of the app pages with their new downloaded milestone counts for September. The new entries are:

321: 17th September 2014 – 200th download

mobile multiply: 14th September 2014 – 7,500th download

OpenSpritz Bible: 10th September 2014 – 100th download

Two Ways To Live: 17th September 2014 – 2,500th download

Thanks to all that have downloaded these apps.

I should probably point out that these stats are counting total  downloads (from the app store), not what is currently installed on people’s devices. OpenSpritz Bible is my worst app for retention with 70% of people uninstalling it.

Minor update for mobile multiply

Last night one of the pastors from Northwoods Community Church pointed out to me that in the mobile multiply app the chapter list in part 4 (the Old Testament) was incorrect. I have quickly pushed out an update to remedy this to the play store and to the app page on this site.

While I was editing the content of the pages, I also removed the download video links for leaders. While Vimeo does allow you to download their videos when you go to their page, the link they provide are generated on the fly and only work for a limited amount of time. So the links in the app, once worked for me for testing, but then they all broke when it was pushed to live.

The mobile site that I run for multiply still has the broken video download links, and it doesn’t have the weekly Bible readings. I think, since the official site is mobile friendly I may retire my mobile site.