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OpenSpritz Bible v2.0.0

This is a bit of a novelty app. The gimmick is that you can read quickly without having the ordeal of moving your eyes. In essence, a single word flys at you and your brain kinda absorbers the text.

This app had been broken for some time (maybe 3 years?) as the source where I was getting the Bible text went under. In the past, there was a bit of a Bible download management system where you could download and chose different versions and then the app would parse an XML file. With this update it is just using the ESV, essentially repeating code I used in the last update in the Inductive Bible Study app.

There are limited with the using the ESV, you can only pull down 500 verses at a time, whereas in the past you could read a whole book at once as all the content was downloaded locally. There ESV can let me download an XML of their Bible, but that will cost me about $100 a year. Due to the novelty of the app, not having a big audience and this app is free, I don’t think it is worth it.

Update has been pushed to the Play Store and this site. I’ve pretty much given up on Amazon as their app console process is painful.

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2 thoughts on “OpenSpritz Bible v2.0.0

    1. ampers

      When I first signed up with the Crossway ESV API they sent me the below:

      “The first license is for distributing the ESV text on a completely noncommercial platform, and it offers the full ESV XML files to store on your website/app rather than streaming the text through our API. It’s free of API restrictions (like query and caching limits) and comes with an annual fee starting at $100-$250 depending on how the text is distributed, per platform. Audio Mp3 files can be included for an additional fee.”

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