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3-2-1 app: Now in 15 languages

3-2-1 languagesA while back I stumbled upon this Welsh youTube translation of the 3-2-1 Gospel presentation. I then got back in contact with Glen Scrivener to let him know that I planed on putting this video into the android app. During the discussion I learned that there was another Welsh video in the pipeline and there was a spreadsheet that had a whole bunch of other translations in it. I then set out to add a few more languages to the 3-2-1 app. The funny thing is, that the new Welsh video never surfaced, so of the new languages, Welsh is without a video.

The other new videos are is the English one with subtitles applied down the bottom. I had the most problem with the Hindi script displaying down the bottom. Hopefully there is enough time on the screen for the words to be read on the screen.

There was also a problem with the German text, in that a small bit of one section was missing. After trying to seek out this text, in the end I just used Google Translate. I hope no one notices which bit.

I can’t read, write or speak any of these languages (apart from English), so if you can and find some issues with the text can you please let me know and pass on some suggestions on how it could be improved.

Below is a quick summary of what is in the new 3-2-1 app. Like normal, if you don’t use the Play Store, you can side load your kindle or other android device by downloading the APK from the portfolio page.

Translation content (Red is new content)

Language Video presentation Text presentation Localised images Course content Prayer & What’s next page
Spanish Subtitled
Hindi Subtitled
German Subtitled
Dutch Subtitled
Norsk Subtitled
Portuguese Subtitled
Swedish Subtitled

I am still yet to update the tablet images on the Play Store, but hopefully they will come soon.