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Two Ways To Live – Dark theme

Last year when I posted the new update to Two Ways To Live the framework or skeleton that I used as a base had a section that made it work with the dark theme feature that comes with Andriod 10. I didn’t notice and hadn’t played with that before, and so when I pushed that update live it caused a few people massive reading issues as the app just wasn’t suited to be read in this mode.

I didn’t realise this was a problem till I saw that on the app store I received a few comments telling me about this issue.

I have now fixed up the dark theme section of the app so that it will work ok under the dark theme setting. This also means that my other recent updates to Who Will Be King? and mobile multiply will also need to be adjusted.

mobile multiply v3.0.0

I started this update in November when I got a new wind of energy with the Two Ways To Live 2.0.0 update. This project took me much longer as I had to pretty much covert the whole Multiply book to be native in the strings.xml file. I then had to do it all over again for the Spanish version. It did, however, give me lots of time to listen to the T4G talks from 2020 while I was converting this app.

I have done a bit of testing on this, but there is a chance that there could be links broken, or starting or finishing letters to paragraphs missing, italics not in the original (especially in the Spanis) things like that. Please let me know if you do find any errors like this.

I am glad that this app is finally done before the year officially kicks off. I still use this app when meeting with senior high school kids. This will probably be my 7th year using it.

This new update is on the play store and this website – I’ve given up on Amazon as their review process is annoying.