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Two Ways To Live

Date: June 24, 2013

Categories: Gospel presentation

Two Ways to Live is a memorable summary of the Christian gospel. In six simple points, it conveys the key information that the average non-Christian person needs to understand in order to become a Christian. And it does so in a way that does not assume any prior knowledge or understanding of Christian concepts.

The six points not only provide a brief summary of the whole story of the Bible, but fit logically together as a coherent set of propositions.

1. God the creator; humanity ruling under his authority.
2. Humanity rebels, wishing to run things its own way.
3. God judges (and will judge) humanity for this rebellion.
4. In his love, God sends Jesus to die as an atoning sacrifice.
5. In his power, God raises Jesus to life as ruler and judge.
6. This presents us with a challenge to repent and believe.

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  • the two ways to live content, including the follow up steps and links to more resources
  • swipe left and right to proceed through the presentation

  • swipe from the left of screen to open up the menu; or press the button on the top left.
  • Language select. Choose between English and Chinese.


Official two ways to live website:

Endorsements (for the resource, not for this app)

D. A. Carson: “At the risk of oversimplification, most evangelistic tools in the Western world are subsets of systematic theology. By this I mean that they tend to ask atemporal questions, and give atemporal answers … There is nothing intrinsically wrong with this pattern, as long as the people to whom it is presented have already bought into the Judeo-Christian heritage …

But if you present these atemporal outlines of the gospel to those who know nothing about the Bible’s plotline, and who have bought into one form or another of New Age theosophy, how will they hear you? …

In short, the good news of Jesus Christ is virtually incoherent unless it is securely set into a biblical worldview … In the last few years, several evangelistic tools have been created that are far more sensitive to the Bible’s ‘story line’.

The first of these to be prepared is still one of the most effective: Two Ways to Live presents Christ in six steps, the six steps offering, in contemporary English, something of the Bible’s plot-line as the necessary framework in which to understand the gospel.”

The Gagging of God, Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, 1996, pp 501-504.

9Marks Journal: “this is an excellent gospel presentation. Most importantly, it is faithful to Scripture. This is the good news of Jesus Christ, as foretold by the Old Testament and proclaimed by the New…

Bottom line? Use Two Ways to Live! We want to be prepared to give the reason for the hope that we have to anyone who asks. Two Ways To Live is a great place to start.”

Geoff Chang, Evangelism Tool Review: Two Ways to Live, Sep-Oct 2013

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