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Inductive Bible Study v2.0.0

This is a long time coming, but I have finally updated the Inductive Bible Study app. A while back the bible API broke which means the app pretty much was useless. I looked into a few options to pull the Bible, but no free service really offered a major Bible translation, except for the ESV. So I am now only pulling the ESV text into this app.

I also tried updating this app to the newer coding standards. While the user will not really see any differences, I pretty much re-wrote this app to use fragments and not make each screen a new activity. This did take a bit of relearning, but they say it is better. Code is reused, but it did take me a little to get my head around each UI screen becoming a subpart of the main activity java class. Calling functions and knowing your code context was an initial hurdle. But I kinda got there in the end. There may still be some things I have forgotten. I did remember to update for the native android night mode

I have updated the play store, the portfolio page, and am trying again to use the Amazon dev console (we will see if it works in a few days).

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