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Australian Daily Prayer v3.0.0

For a little while, the Australian Daily Prayer app wouldn’t update the service content if you changed the date. The card at the top would display the right day and saint/festival, but the morning and evening tabs would still be displaying the current date. This bug turned out to be a relativity simple fix by changing the FragmentPagerAdapter to be FragmentStatePagerAdapter. However, I was already deep into readjusting the whole app to be running on the AndriodX libraries, which meant this fix got rolled up into a bigger update.

From the users perspective, not much will appear different (maybe the menu), but under the hood hopefully it will work smoother on newer phones (the last update was from October 2019).

There may be other bugs in regards to the content of this app, ie some days a Psalm doesn’t appear, or the readings might be a bit off, etc… That is more to do with the website it is pulling from, and not necessarily the app itself. I run that website, so the issue is still on me, but those content bugs may not have been fixed in this update.

Integration to the Inductive Bible Study app isn’t working, I think it may have to do with that app receiving requests from this app (which I probably forgot about it in the last major update). This may be a feature I will put back in.

You can get this update from the portfolio page and Play Store.

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