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Australian Daily Prayer

Date: August 30, 2013

Categories: Bible reading / Prayer

This displays the daily 1995 A Prayer Book for Australia service, complete with Psalms, Bible readings (ESV) and Collect for both the morning and evening services. It uses the 2005 Weekday Lectionary, so there are no readings for Sundays.


  • Defaults to the morning or evening service based on AEST
  • Displays the Common Worship translation of the Psalms for group readings and defaults to the main Psalm of the day
  • Displays the ESV text of the readings for the day, including the mp3 download link
  • Displays the festivals and daily saints and the collects on the appropriate days
  • Colour scheme changes depending on the church season
  • Allows forward and backward navigation through the days
  • Displays the 39 Articles
  • Website: allows jumping to a set day by entering that date using the “d” querystring
  • Website: allows permanent “yesterday” and “tomorrow” links using the “d” querystring for people in different timezones
  • Website: outputs the daily service content to JSON for 3rd party use
  • Android: jump to any date
  • Android: swipe from the left of screen to open up the menu; or press the button on the top left

History on Google play

30th August 2013 – Version 1 released

6th November 2013 – 50th download

5th December 2013 – 100th download

29th March 2014 – 250th download

26th January 2015 – 500th download

11th December 2015 – Version 2 released

26th July 2016 – 1,000th download

2nd November 2019 – 2,000th new user


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