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39 more articles

The Australian Daily Prayer app has been updated, along with the website to include the text of the original 39 Articles, along with the preamble. The Android app now has an option where you can jump to any date, so you don’t need to keep moving through the days one at at time.

I have included the 39 Articles pretty much because I read Chapter 4 of Knots Untied by J.C. Ryle, which I also link to next to the text of the 39 Articles. Ryle argues that the 39 Articles and not the prayer book was the basis of doctrine in Church of England. He saw that the 39 Articles should be ranks above the prayer book.

I found this curious as in 1968 Lambeth decided the disentangle the 39 Articles from the prayer book, and not require its ordained ministers to subscribe to them. I also include that link next to the text of the 39 Articles. This is why you can find in Defining Convictions and Decisive Commitments a suggestion that what makes the Anglican church is the prayer book and not the 39 Articles. This is strange as many low Anglican churches I have attended don’t use the prayer book, so I feel I then need to ask: What then makes a low Anglican church Anglican? And I would hope it is based on doctrine and not practice, but which council in the church has decided what doctrines to hold to…? Anyway, I will end this rant here.

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