Approaching the study

“The test of the inductive spirit is whether one’s approach is characterized by radical openness to any conclusion required by the biblical evidence.” This means one must approach the text without any presuppositions. While “pure or absolute induction does not exist” as “all of us have presuppositions” it is good to be aware of them when they arise so one can deal with them.

One must be open and let the Bible speak for itself. If in a group, you must remember that it is not the leader's words or insight that will ultimately change lives. It is God’s word that does that. A leader must have confidence in the text itself and that it is the Spirit who will change the lives of the people studying the Bible.

“Inductive biblical study is open to all possible conclusions that represent sound inferences from relevant evidence”. When drawing conclusions or inferences from the text, one must give a fair hearing of what it says regardless of the personal cost and implications. Students of the Bible when presented with tough personal issues “are prepared to submit to the authority of Scripture over their lives, with all the risk that such commitment necessarily carries.”

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