Clean Bible Reader is a simple web app that displays the Bible in a clear, east to read way. Removing distractions is the key, which is why there are no footnotes or cross references, and the menu options fade away (it come back when you mouse over them). You also have the option to turn on and off chapters, verses and translators' headings.

How to use


Select your translation preference and then enter in a Bible passage in the text box. If verses are used, the page will return the whole chapter. This text box will accept a variety of inputs, such as:

  • Gen - This will display the whole book
  • Gen 2 - This will display Genesis 2
  • Gen 1-5 - This will display a range of chapters
  • Gen 3:16 - This will display all of Genesis 3
  • Gen 3:16-5:5 - This will display Genesis 3-5
It will not accept non-consecutive passages such as Gen 2-3,5 or Gen 5,8 or Gen 50-Exd 1.

Adjusting the text and shortcuts

There are a number of different text options you can choose from. You can increase and decrease the font, turn on and off chapters, verses and translators' headings and also change the whole look and feel by choosing a theme. These options can be toggled by clicking on their links (or buttons in mobile view), but they can also be trigged by using their shortcuts.

The shortcut for each option is the value in brackets on their link, they are:

  • + Increase the font size (you don't have to hold down shift)
  • - Decrease the font size (you don't have to hold down shift)
  • v Turns on/off the verses
  • c Turns on/off the chapters
  • h Turns on/off the headers
  • numbers 1-5 selects one of the themes
  • left arrow goes to the previous chapter
  • right arrow goes to the next chapter
If the shortcuts don't work, please ensure you aren't typing the characters into the passage search box.


This site uses cookies. They are saving the display preferences, last Bible passage and Bible version. This is so that when you next visit the site you don't have to reconfigure it to your liking. These cookies have a life span of 1 year (or until you clear them in your browser).

Credits and Technologies used

The main layout for this site uses Pure CSS, in particular their blog layout

The Bible data comes from Liu DongMiao's bibledata repo. There are lots of translations in this repo and it wouldn't be too hard to leverage any one of them.

The Bible search uses the code from the Bible Reference Parser by Openbible.info