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OpenSpritz Bible

Date: June 23, 2014

Categories: Bible reading

OpenSpritz Bible allows you to read the Bible without having to move your eyes. This allows you to read quicker. While this might not be the best way to study the Bible in-depth, it is still a good way to get a good overview and flow of a large passage or of a (short) book. (Up to 500 verses at a time)


  • Uses the ESV Bible translation
  • clean interface while reading to reduce distractions
  • progress bar
  • adjust reading speed
  • adjust reading font size
  • Bible download manager
  • can use a number of different Bible queries
  • full text preview (long press to copy to clipboard)


This application uses the following opensource modules:

No longer uses:

This app would not exist if it wasn’t for these open source modules. Likewise, the source code for this app is online

History on Google play

23rd June 2014 – Version 1 released

10th September 2014 – 100th download

7th February 2015 – 250th download

15th September 2015 – 500th download

11th April 2016 – 1,000th download