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Communicate Jesus

Date: June 12, 2014

Categories: News

Communicate Jesus is a blog run by Steve Kryger (@communic8jesus). It exists to glorify Jesus by informing both clergy and lay leaders on the intersection between technology and Christian ministry.

This app displays the Communicate Jesus website in a mobile friendly way. It allows you to browse and search through the blog’s content.

Since 2011 Communicate Jesus has been on the top 300 Christian Blog list


  • double tap the screen to remove the top bar
  • some minor readjustments of the web styles are applied after load, such as removing the webpage nav bar
  • search function
  • basic pinch to zoom. Those running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) will see annoying zoom in and out controls on the bottom right. Newer Android versions will not.
  • refresh current page


Official Communicate Jesus site can be found here:

History on Google play

12th June 2014 – Version 1 released

20th April 2015 – 50th download

8th November 2015 – 100th download

11th October 2018 – Removed from Play Store. The final count was 161 downloads.


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