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Ampers apps now on Amazon

Amazon-badgeOne of the main reasons I have been putting up the APK’s of my apps on this site is so Kindle users could sideload them on their devices. I did this because when I first made a few apps I received a few requests for them to be available for Kindle. At that time I didn’t really investigate Amazon and how their app store works and I kinda forgot about it.

Anyway, if you have an Amazon device you can now search their store to get my apps, no more sideloading. You may notice that Who Will Be King? isn’t there, that is because it didn’t pass Amazon’s screening process. I stopped working on Two Ways To Live and Who Will Be King? a few years back, so I really don’t want to go over them and fix it up. The strange thing is, I would have thought Two Ways To Live would have also failed their process as they are pretty much the same app and are both using material from Matthias Media.

I realised after pretty much copying and pasting all the Google Play information into Amazon’s store that the screen shots I put up were for phones, and will most likely look different on a Kindle device. That is something that may fix in the future, when I get around to it (and don’t forget about them).

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