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[2010] The relationship between mission, evangelism and apologetics

Here are some essays I have written for my Bachelor of Theology. I would like you to note that:

  • As the year increases, generally the word count and quality of essay increases.
  • I shouldn’t be held responsible for the position that paper holds. I reserve the right to have changed my mind (or learned something new) between now and then. I may also be indifferent to the issue addressed and only wrote about it because I had to.
  • I haven’t adjusted any of these essays, they are how I submitted them. This means there are spelling and grammatical errors. Some teachers provided great feedback in how I could have improved these but none of those changes have been applied.
  • I have done some Pastoral Care subjects, but those essays are not going online. They contain personal content to do with myself and others.

I started in second semester 2009 and finished studying at the end of 2014.

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